The Times They Are A-Changin’ (Bob Dylan Cover) – KC Roberts & The Live Revolution

Dear Fans, Friends and Funky Fam, We’re excited to share our take on Bob Dylan’s “Times They Are A-Changin'”. Hope this is something you can feel, and we wish all of you all the good change that makes life better in 2018. Thanks to Victor Oly and No Love for the visual love and artistry. – KCLR


KC Roberts & The Live Revolution – Funk Resistance Party

Dear Toronto,

It has been too long! KCLR will be throwing down a two set, monster night of funk delivered by a 10 piece band.

We’ve been writing a whole bunch of brand new funky tunes, and will playing them all along with our crowd favourite room rompers.

This will be a very different show because I (KC) will not be singing. Last year at some point I suffered a pretty serious vocal hemorrhage and never fully recovered. I tried to sing through it, but at a couple venues with poor monitors, I did some bad damage. So I’m in the recovery process, and I will be singing again. But for this show we’re getting Dakarai Morris-James who’s a KILLER singer and artist to hold it down, while the rest of us go buck wild on stage. I didn’t want to wait to get down with all of you, and this new band is starting to come together in some crazy new ways. We’ll have brand new songs and arrangements, and a big heavy band. We’re gonna take it to space and let the boogie take over. You don’t wanna miss this one!

Advance tix are 10$ and the door will be $20, so make plans with your crew ASAP.
Getthem here –

This will be a night like no other. And we can’t wait.




TORONTO!! We’re playing our last big concert of 2016. Revival Bar is going to shake furiously. If there’s anyone you know you love to party with, spread the word, and let’s have a night! Advance tix are only $10 and it’s $20 at the door, So grab your tix here –…

Nirvana Funk Tribute


KCLR is excited to announce NirvanaFunk, a two-set tribute to Nirvana on Friday June 24th at Horseshoe Tavern. It would be hard to overstate the impact that Kurt Cobain and Nirvana have had on us as musicians. There would be no KCLR if it weren’t for the passion, honesty and fire of bands like them. Back in 2010, we played a Nirvana tribute at Clinton’s where we played some tunes that have become mainstays in the KCLR repertoire. This time, we’ll take it to a whole new level.

We will be re-imagining a lot of this music while paying tribute to one of the fiercest songwriters and rock bands of all time.

Joining us will be a team of incredible musicians, many of whom have been a part of the KCLR extended family for a long time. You can also email us anytime if you have any questions.

And yes….we will be rocking the fuck out

Matt Fullbrook – Bass
Chris Avalos – Drums
Sam Pomanti – Keys
Tj Whitelaw – Guitar
Jared Welsh – Tenor Sax
Andrew McAnsh – Trumpet
Nebyu Yohannes – Trombone
Kirsten Rea – Vox
Angela Monkhouse – Vox
KC – Guitar, Vox

Grab your advance tickets early to save some money and guarantee you’ll get in.

NirvanaFunk – A Tribute to Nirvana
KC Roberts & the Live Revolution
June 24th, 2016
Horseshoe Tavern – 370 Queen St W.
Doors at 9pm, first set at 10pm sharp

Advance Tickets $10 at Eventbrite –

$15 at the door

Much Love


Playing some wicked shows in the next month with Detroit funk masters, Third Coast Kings, and Montreal’s Astrosymphonics. Plus our boys Juice!

OTTAWA – Oct 15 –
MONTREAL – Oct 16-
TORONTO – Oct 17-
DETROIT – Oct 23-
WATERLOO – Oct 24 –
KINGSTON – Oct 29 –



As we come near the end of a hard fought and well received crowd fund, we can officially tell you we’re bringing the funk across the west side of this fine continent. Check out the dates, and help us spread the word, we promise your friends out west will thank you for the good night! ;)

Thank you to everyone who supported us. We’ll keep you in the loop as we journey, And we’ll get you the new music and footage before anyone!

To everyone else, there’s still time go check out and pre-order our new records!

 photo kclr_gowest_flyer_20150722.jpg

Help Us Bring This Music To The West Coast

Because of your support over the past six years, KCLR has had the opportunity to create art that makes us truly proud. You have stuck with us and believed in us as our fan base has grown not just in Toronto eventually across Canada and now around the world. It’s time for us to live up to our name as the Live Revolution. KCLR’s mission is to build a global community of musicians and fans, and to promote music and culture. We believe in proving that epic live music doesn’t just belong to major label giants. This begins by taking the Revolution on the road.

We’ve launched the KCLR GO WEST crowd funding site which showcasing some AMAZING rewards for your generous donations.

Visit:  KCLR GO WEST   and help us bring art, music and dance and love to the West Coast.


Much Love,



KCLR drop a brand new video, check it out:

Special thanks to James Ervin Joanna Mohammed-Gonzalez Claire Doyle and Phil Skladowski for joining our band, playing and singing beautifully, and making this very special song. Also Thanks to Phil Spencer for capturing and mixing this audio. And Brian Chambers for helping me edit this, for filming and overseeing the video shoot, and for being my partnerin the creation of this videography. Also shout outs to Brad Sayeau and Mark Valino for their camera work. What a crazy team. We refuse to make art that fits into a thimble, so if you want to feel what we were feeling, take 10 minutes and join us by the fire, by the drums, where the soul starts to vibrate away from these lines. Thank you, and much love to everyone who is sharing this music. You guys see and dig what we are trying to do, and I am humbled.

Much Love,



KCLR plays our first “CHOOSE OUR SET” show @ MOD CLUB, FRI APRIL 3rd, w/ JUICE, and TEAR AWAY TUSA

KC Roberts & The Live Revolution will be playing their first ever “YOU CHOOSE OUR SET” show. We have a lot of music (5 records? I don’t even remember). Often we get people yelling out specific song names at our shows, and being the stubborn band we are, we play the set we pre-planned to play. Well this time we want our fans to choose the music they want to hear. If there’s a song off any of our records you’ve been wanting us to do live and haven’t heard, or if you want to make sure we play a tune you love, or if there’s a cover we did that you want us to do live, well we want to play it for you. Also if you want us to cover a new song and arrange it KCLR style, we’ll do it if enough people want it. And if you want to hear something NEW, also let us know.

Here’s how it will work:

1. To start, we want people to write us on facebook and Twitter with two or three suggestions each. If you’re on twitter use the hashtag #kclrplaythis. And on facebook you can just write on our wall.

2. By next Wednesday (March 18th) all the song names will be tallied up, and you’ll be able to vote on our website ( for what you want us to do.

3. Then we’ll pick some of the most popular choices, some of the rare choices that got a couple votes and TWO covers that got the most votes. This could be covers we’ve already done on Youtube or brand new cover ideas that you really want us to arrange our own way.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Let us know what you want, and we’ll do our best to customize a set for you guys, and destroy it on April 3rd at the MOD CLUB! Sound good?

Get advanced tickets here





KCLR Opening for hip-hop legends Mix Master Mike (Of The Beastie Boys) and Grand Wizard Theodore (The father of Scratch)

So pretty crazy show coming up. The boys and I are opening for two Hip-Hop LEGENDS at the Phoenix on Feb 28th! Mix Master Mike Official of The Beastie Boys, and Grand Wizard Theodore (the inventor and father of scratching). This is going to be an insane Toronto party, that you do not want to miss! We’ll have guests and be playing a crazy funky set. 

Here’s the Facebook event for more info –