KCLR drop a brand new video, check it out:

Special thanks to James Ervin Joanna Mohammed-Gonzalez Claire Doyle and Phil Skladowski for joining our band, playing and singing beautifully, and making this very special song. Also Thanks to Phil Spencer for capturing and mixing this audio. And Brian Chambers for helping me edit this, for filming and overseeing the video shoot, and for being my partnerin the creation of this videography. Also shout outs to Brad Sayeau and Mark Valino for their camera work. What a crazy team. We refuse to make art that fits into a thimble, so if you want to feel what we were feeling, take 10 minutes and join us by the fire, by the drums, where the soul starts to vibrate away from these lines. Thank you, and much love to everyone who is sharing this music. You guys see and dig what we are trying to do, and I am humbled.

Much Love,