KCLR EduBand Workshops

Exposure to professional performance and clinics is an invaluable experience to young musicians. It not only inspires interest in playing music but it also reveals how musical excellence can be an achievable goal through dedication and practice. KCLR is available to facilitate expert school workshops for students of all skill levels. The band is made up of musicians from Canada’s top music schools, all with experience not only playing at the highest level but also with years of experience teaching music students of all levels. We teach all the basics of good musicianship presented through music that’s inspirational and accessible to young people. Our mission is to connect with the next generation and cultivate the passion for music. HEAR us, LEARN from us, and PLAY with us all in the same session!

  • Designed to inspire, supplement & enrich music programs big and small
  • Can be customized to suit the school’s needs including solo/ensemble performance, technique, repertoire
  • Enhance the love of music through playing with peers


Individual Instrument & Workshop

KCLR is composed of 7 skilled professionals in their own instrument field.  We provide specialized attention to specific band sections in order to address the physical differences of the instruments typically found in a music class.  These private/semi-private workshops allow the section educator to get into more detail than possible when dealing with a full assortment of instruments and their inherent characteristics.

- Brass (lower brass, trumpet)
Rhythm Section (Bass, Guitar, Drums, Piano)

  • Technique
  • Mechanics
  • Sound Production
  • Performance skills 
  • Playing as a unit
  • Playing with emotion


Ensemble Playing/Reading

Part of the joy of learning music is to share the experience through ensemble playing.  Whether small or large, jazz combo or concert band, KCLR can provide group coaching on how students can play together.  Communication throughout an ensemble as well the intricacies of reading and responding to music are all subjects that can be covered.

  • Rhythm Identification
  • Group Dynamics
  • Articulation
  • Time Feels
  • Improvised and written Solos within a group
  • Workshop ongoing band material and/or optional KCLR material
  • Customizable KCLR Charts for large ensemble & small ensemble via Clovertone Music

KCLR Performance

While classroom learning is important, there is a history of the aural tradition in musical education.  Part of KCLR’s mandate is to breathe fresh life into the notion of musical performance especially concerning the common instruments that can be found in your average music room, hence the Live Revolution.  Through performance KCLR can demonstrate concepts that are being discussed throughout the workshop in a format that is both accessible and engaging, thereby underpinning in-class work and inspiring both current and future generations of music students.

    • Exposure to band instruments in a professional setting
    • Workshop concepts demonstrated in an entertaining and musically accessible program
    • Question & Answer interaction between full band and students